Halfway through WJMC! I am so thrilled with all of the new things I learned so far. I was granted the opportunity to ask a question about the life of Terry Anderson, a Middle East Correspondent that was held hostage for seven years in the Middle East while on the job. While I did not post the full response to this question, I did post what I asked him, and will link below an article about his experience.

Thanks for sticking with me so far!



Junior Year~ A Summary

On Monday, June 12th, I officially wrapped up the best year in highschool yet. Junior year completely flew by, and I’m so excited for senior year. So let’s recap:



For me, school starts in September, and I quickly learned how rigorous my schedule was going to be, I decided to take so many classes that I would only have lunch every other day. That was a challenge. Eating a sandwich while quickly walking to your next class is much harder than it seems. Also in September is when my XC and Marching band season start. My favorite memory from these seasons is for one of my marching band competitions in New York City. My closest friends and I were in a group together and decided to eat at Junior’s a broadway-like restaurant in Manhattan. There, we pretended it was my friend Anna’s birthday to get cheesecake (which we still had to pay for), and met the greatest waiter in the world named Gregory! He signed a coaster for us because we think he’s going to be famous someday, and then we went on our way (shoutout to Gregory from Junior’s).

September was also the month of our City’s Homecoming game and dance. Me, being interested in journalism, decided to broadcast and also film a montage of the game. The Saturday morning of the dance I had woke up and the video had more views than I could ever imagine. It was shared by local radio stations and people all over the city, it currently has nearly 16,000 views. This was a shock. More people around Rome began to know what my name was, and what I wanted to do, and that was epic.



October is easily my favorite month of the year, and certainly one of the busiest. Still competing in Marching Band and XC, my weekends were full with competitions and races. However, I got to enjoy all of these with my friends and my close family living in Rome. I became one of our yearbook editors which was awesome! My cross country team had our home invitational and I also was able to host a team bonding for our Cross Country team where we carved pumpkins! The best part of the end of October and beginning of November is the final marching band competition at the Syracuse dome, where we placed fourth in our division with our show “The Hunger Games”. Although this is my busiest month of the year, it’s so exciting!



November was the month of stress and full of surprises. I was now officially a member of the National Honor Society, and I also had a lot of new opportunities coming my way. I visited many colleges this month, and began to narrow down my choices for my future. I began practicing for our school’s show choir, “Rhapsody”, and also got to plan our schools “Open Mic Night” with our class president. This Open Mic Night revealed our school’s musical for the Spring which was “Grease”. I instantly looked up the music score for it (because I usually play the piano) and to my surprise, there was no part I was able to play. Yikes. I spent my time contemplating over what I should do for musical auditions, as well as beginning my indoor track season.



December is always a festive month. There was actually snow this Christmas in my town, which was absolutely amazing! I was able to accomplish all Christmas shopping, and I was also able to volunteering being the narrator for a children’s Christmas pageant. My indoor track team broke some school records, and I was able to have a team bonding with my fellow distance runners by having a “Secret Santa” party. I also had another secret santa party with my band friends which was absolutely amazing! I also found out I was officially going to WJMC, and got my first camera for Christmas! (Thanks to my family for the wonderful gift!)



2017?! HOW?? I type this still in awe as this year is halfway over. This month was really focusing on my goals for the year. In school, we received a new teacher in one of my classes, which made me work a lot harder and accomplish more in that class. I also had officially decided to audition for the musical, and the show choir “Rhapsody” had our first performance! This was also the time for one of my first final exams in English, which I scored very well on. Overall, this month was great!



The best day of the year is Groundhog’s Day Eve. I say this because it is my birthday! I turned 17 this year which was pretty awesome, but the best part was I also auditioned for the musical on the same day. I ended up getting a callback for one of the musical parts! Although in the end I did not get the role, it was a super great experience. I also met a lot of new friends this month and started hanging out with some people I never expected to hang out with. It was an awesome time.



Although I am Irish, March is my least favorite month of the year. It was a busy month between track and musical rehearsals. However, I also started tutoring at a local elementary school. This was a great experience being able to learn from younger kids! Unfortunately I got my wisdom teeth out this month (ouch). This month also had huge snowstorms, which was great because it meant that we had snow days! (This did mean a lot of shoveling, but I also got to sleep in)



It’s track time! And school musical time! And Vacation time! This month was super busy. We had our performance of “Grease” as well as the beginning of our track meets. Shortly after this I went to Disney World with my family! This is always a super fun time, and I made a video about it in my previous blog post. The trip was awesome! I ran the Star Wars 5k as Darth Vader, and I went parasailing! This month was full of new opportunities that I was super excited for!


May & June:

These two months are full of exams and studying, but they’re also sentimental and exciting. It was my Junior Prom, and I got on the prom court with my escort being one of my very close friends (and best date) Alex! I also ran for student body Secretary and won! I landed my first job at a local store, and I finished my track season and junior year. The worst part is not being able to be in school with some upperclassmen friends. Looking at my AP Literature class (where I was the youngest and only junior), it was weird to see that I was no longer going to be in class with these kids. It’s so surreal. I probably left a few things out with these summaries, but the most important thing is how much I grew as a person and a student this year. Yay!


With that being said, here’s to another great year!

A Quick Video and an Apology

Hey everyone!

I realize I haven’t posted on here in a little while, and I’m sorry for that. The last month has been a whirlwind of exams, field trips, the school musical, and vacations. During April break, I was able to go to Florida with my family and I made a quick video of it. Here it is!


I have many more ideas for blogs planned, so stay tuned!


A Quote

I am a HUGE Pinterest addict. From recipes, to outfits, to hairstyles that I will never have enough skill to do, there is always something on Pinterest that inspires me.

Inspiration. One of my main goals in my life is to be inspirational. I want to change a person’s life for the better. I want to see people be the best version of themselves, or at least allow me to be a positive vibe in their life. Sometimes, this can be super frustrating. Especially when I don’t want to be a very positive person myself, because let’s face it: we all have those days.

Mainly, when it comes to being a high school student, I want to be someone who can make you laugh but also be able to help out. I want to be able to have a witty comeback or sarcastic response one second, and then have a real conversation with someone the next. It’s a hard thing to balance and try not to hurt other people by making a mistake with this balance, which is why the following quote by Maya Angelou is by far my favorite quote:

“I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you make them feel”

-Maya Angelou

To me, I think this quote speaks so much. If you’re like me, you might remember a time in life when you and your friends just had an amazing moment. A moment that makes your entire body feel like it’s smiling or just feeling like you’re living. You remember this moment solely from feeling, but maybe not anything that was verbally exchanged. There are also some moments when you may have been hurt by someone, and while down the road you may forget exactly what they said to hurt you, but that gut feeling of grief still exists.

It’s like a coin flip. You can either make someone feel really good about themselves, or really terrible. When they look back on these times years from now, they may forget the exact situation, or the exact words exchanged, but that feeling that happens to all of us still remains there. And so, I hope to become more of a person that can make a person remember a moment when they felt happy and to have more of those happy feelings, and less of the negative.

A huge thank you to Maya Angelou. Your words are always inspirational.


In my dreams, I am a famous journalist reporting in a major metropolitan area. In reality, I am a junior in high school making videos to bring positivity to my high school. I attend Rome Free Academy, and recently we have had major changes in the administration of my school. From my freshman year to now my junior year, we have gone through four different principals. One of our principals who is now our superintendent decided to come up with a slogan for our school: “Take CHARGE”. The acronym “CHARGE” represents how RFA students should act daily. This includes being Compassionate, Honorable, Accountable, Respectful, Grateful, and Extraordinary.

So to get the point across to our school, we have some weeks where during class we watch a video on how we demonstrate these within our school. Many students enjoyed the videos, but did not find them very inspiring. So the teachers that are part of our school improvement team decided to host a video contest for students to make a video describing one of the six characteristics our slogan describes.

The video contest caught my attention, and with the help of just a few of the most inspiring students in RFA and their voices, I decided to make a video on being extraordinary, and share it with you all.